We design, manufacture and build prefab, timber-frame construction houses and log houses or cabins to suit your needs. We also offer any house construction elements, house extension parts or any other property parts according to your order.

  • Our ecological, prefab wood-frame and log houses (residential and recreational houses as well as garden cabins, sheds and gazebos) are manufactured in well-equipped and spacious halls.
  • We specialise not only in residential buildings but are also providing large surface constructions, even up to several thousand square meters, such as inns, guest houses, taverns and hotels.
  • We build lightweight and energy-efficient prefab timber-frame houses, which are now more and more popular in Europe. The technology of timber-frame construction is based primarily on the use of timber that is combined with insulating material. These elements of the house construction are lightweight, durable and soundproofed at the same time. The ceiling is made out of OSB boards, or if so required by the client – the plasterboards.
  • Our secret lies in our resources and the raw material used for the construction of our buildings. Our production lines are located in Istebna – the heart of green and healthy forests in Poland, the home for a well-known Istebna spruce, famous for its highest in Europe growth and immunity parameters. Unlike the other trees, it does not tend to twist or bend along its longitudinal axis during the drying process. Thanks to that quality, walls of the houses built from trees growing in our forests will remain straight, doors and windows will always shut properly, and the floors will not creak.



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