Our ecological log houses include residential and recreational houses, from small to large sizes, even up to thousands of square meters, such as inns, guest houses, taverns, and hotels, and all are manufactured in well-equipped and spacious halls.

As a seasoned and thriving enterprise, we supply the highest-level woodworking, joinery, and carpentry specialists as well as experienced builders, always ready to provide reliable services.

The highly recognised quality and attractive prices of our homes have made our company a leader in the European timber construction industry.

Our secret lies in our resources and the raw material used for the construction of our buildings. Our production lines are located in Istebna – the heart of green and healthy forests in Poland, the home for a well-known Istebna spruce, famous for its highest in Europe growth and immunity parameters. Unlike other trees, it does not twist or bend along its longitudinal axis during the drying process. Thanks to this quality, your house walls will remain straight, doors and windows will always shut properly, and the floors will not creak.

Completion period:

Signing of the contract by the end of November will guarantee a house, a guest house, an inn, or a hotel being build the following year with no change to the pricing of material and construction. Building a roofed construction shell takes 4-8 weeks. Completing a turn-key project takes up to 3 months. The main contract relates to constructing a roofed building shell only. It is possible however to sign an additional contract for finishing works only.

The warranty:

The Istebnian spruce is an exceptional resource. Using it to build our prefab log houses makes us confident enough to give a 10 year guarantee for all construction elements made and delivered by our company. Wooden-framed or log houses are known for their longest lifespan. Most of them are known to remain used for at least 100 years.

Houses made of logs of (16, 20, 24, 30cm)

Example Project:

A family single- storey house with the attic, 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and a dining room

Floor plans:


The price per square meter is to give you an idea of our price estimate; however every order is individually priced according to the plan, complexity of work and the area/location for development.

Project name :FINLEY 1

Usable area: 110.20 m2
30 cm Oval Log £1,420/m2
Basic price: £156,484

  • Including labour & transport
  • * VAT can be at zero rate – Excluding VAT (terms and conditions apply)

The basic price excludes the price of the land and all or some of the following costs:

  •  + Foundations
  •  + Chimney
  •  + Utilities connection (approx. £6000-£8000)
  •  + Architectural plan £1000
  •  + Administration fee £199
  •  + Any other custom extras
  •  + Any other services (detailed above in the table of quote )

Finley 1 – Description:

A fantastic 3 bedroom solid log house comprising of a large living room with fireplace, a terrace, a kitchen with a dining room, an open space living room, a large bathroom upstairs, a toilet with shower downstairs, a porch, a hall, a boiler room, a dressing room and a garage, and 3 bedrooms (two with balconies) in the attic floor.


PLAN  Ground floor plan
1.1 Porch
1.2 Boiler room
1.3 Living room/dining room
1.4 Kitchen
1.5 Toilet and shower
1.6 Garage

1st floor
2.1 Hallway
2.2 Double bedroom
2.3 Single/double bedroom
2.4 Dressing room
2.5 Bathroom
2.6 Double bedroom

  • We are working efficiently even during tough weather conditions.
  • Some of our houses were built in just a few weeks.
  • We can demonstrate the high quality of our work with more pictures and references.


Our Standards

  • Short construction time
  • Advanced technology
  • Environment friendly
  • Unbeatable price
  • Energy saving
  • Easy extension and modification
  • Professional and bespoke services
  • Quality guarantee
  • Mess-free building site
  • Little or no debris


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