The brick and the concrete slowly cease to be the most popular materials in the UK construction industry.  Surprised? Start your own research! Actually, you will notice a fast growing interest in prefab timber-frame construction that recently increased.


The UK construction industry realises that the prefab timber – framed houses are easier, cheaper and much faster to build and at the same time – these constructions are very durable and genially adaptable to the desired architecture. You can now build your house in modern technology and different designs while using more economical solutions. Standard technologies are beginning to be consistently replaced with more efficient technologies and environmentally friendly materials.

Who are we?

CBI Home Ltd is the official UK Trade Agent and Authorised Representative of UNIHAUS Beskidy sp. z o.o. – the manufacturer of prefab houses, log houses and commercial buildings with over 20 years of experience in timber-frame construction in the Europe.   Eco-friendly and healthy constructions are our number one priority.

Our passion for wood and healthy buildings was born in the heart of Beskid Mountain forests in Poland, ranked among one of the most beautiful places in Europe and  by the way,  also a home to the best quality wood, called Istebna spruce, known for its excellent growth and immunity parameters. Unlike many other types of trees, our wood doesn’t bend or twist during the drying process.  Now, you can be sure your house will serve you for generations to come.

We are using the traditional timber technology combined with the latest insulating techniques based on the use of high quality, durable, lightweight and soundproofed insulating materials to suit any climate and any budget, which is especially important for houses that need to withstand the effects of wet, British weather!

At CBI Home Ltd, we are committed to working with joinery, carpentry and woodworking specialists, as well as experienced builders and we know the timber construction industry inside out!


  • THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS – Our standard walls are thinner than in bricks technology and have a better heat transfer coefficient comparing to brick walls. Thanks to our advanced technology our properties are not only warm in winter, cool in summer, but also energy-saving.
  • INTER-SPACE NOISE CONTROL – A mineral wool, a wood, and a Styrofoam are great as acoustic insulators for exterior construction elements as well as inside walls, partitions, and ceilings.
  • DRYWALL INSTALLATION – All of our houses are prefabricated in dry production halls and protected from humidity until they are assembled on the construction site.
  • SHORT CONSTRUCTION TIME – On previously prepared foundation slab, the assembly process of our prefab timber-framed constructions (closed building shell), takes on average between 1-2 weeks, depending on the size and the complexity of each project. The log houses are built on average in 5-6 weeks.
  • EASY EXTENSION and MODIFICATION– Our houses can be repeatedly modified. It is possible to add extra rooms and other residential parts very easily. The walls can be moved and removed without the inconvenience of drilling, hammering, and dust.
  • DURABILITY – A durability of timber-frame houses is estimated at approximately one hundred years. The proof can be found in old wooden houses from the end of 19th century, which are still available for use today.

 We are able to manufacture and build any house or property based on any plans or projects provided by our customers, designed for their comfort, needs, and preferences. We also offer any house construction elements, house extension parts or any other property parts according to your order. We provide comprehensive construction services from start to finish and we are collaborating directly with investors and developers as well as with private clients through our sales representatives, offering bespoke services and products.