CBI Home Ltd is the official UK Trade Agent and Authorised Representative of UNIHAUS Beskidy sp. z o.o. – a Polish manufacturer of prefab houses and commercial constructions with over 20 years of experience. UNIHAUS has expanded into many European countries, including the UK, where it is represented by CBI Home Ltd.

Passionate about wood and sustainability, we are not yet another company building houses that all look similar. Years of working with a variety of clients have taught us that an ideal house is the one you enjoy spending your time in. We believe that everyone deserves the best quality of living and this can only be achieved with a healthy build such as a prefab timber-frame house.

Eco-friendly and healthy constructions are our number one priority. Surely, we all want what’s best for us and our families. This is why, unlike many producers, we do not build our houses with the use of pollutant products and finishing materials, known to have a carcinogenic effect.

We know how to build houses where you can live according to nature. Our passion for wood and healthy buildings was born in the heart of Beskid Mountains forests in Poland, ranked among one of the most beautiful places in Europe. For centuries, the greatest natural treasure of this region has been green and healthy forests – the home to the highest quality wood, such as Istebna spruce. It is known for its excellent growth and immunity parameters, and unlike many other types of trees, it doesn’t bend or twist during the drying process. Now, you can be sure your house will serve you for generations to come.

We are using the latest timber technology based on the use of high quality timber insulating materials, all of which are durable, lightweight and soundproofed. The ceiling is made with OSB boards and – at client’s request – additional plasterboards. All the materials we use can be made in different formulations to suit any climate and any budget, which is especially important for houses that need to withstand the effects of wet, British weather! But an ecological and energy-efficient property is not only about the best quality materials. At CBI Home Ltd, we are committed to working with joinery, carpentry and woodworking specialists as well as experienced builders, who are ready to design and build your dream property.

With over 20 years of experience, we know the timber construction industry inside out! The fact we are working directly with manufacturers guarantees the highest standard of products and services at reasonably low prices. No bragging! We just believe that everyone deserves healthy-living home and it is our mission to design and build one for you.

We provide comprehensive construction services from start to finish. We can collaborate with investors and developers as well as with individual and private clients offering bespoke services and products.

The quality of our properties speaks for itself and it has already been recognised throughout Europe. Our timber-frame houses are best-selling in Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, France, Italy, and Norway, making us the leader of the European timber construction industry. You can now say “YES!” to ecological and energy-efficient houses at such attractive prices! Let us build your dream house here in United Kingdom!

CBI Home Ltd is the official UK Trade Agent & Authorised Representative of UNIHAUS Beskidy Sp. z.o.o; registered in Poland; [NIP: 547-21-12-105; REGON: 241326781]; CBI HOME Registered Office: CBI HOME LTD, STUDIO F7; 80 SILVERTHRONE ROAD; SW8 3HE LONDON; UK Company no: 9409753. UNIHAUS is a child company of the STOLLUX – a well-established Polish company with over 20 years of tradition, located in the heart of Beskid forest. Represented by UNIHAUS in many European countries, our company has now expanded further and has its representative in the UK – the CBI HOME LTD.

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